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Permanent exhibition

Edith Stein. Wrocław Resident, Philosopher, Saint and Patroness of Europe

You are in the house where The Stein Family lived from 1910 to 1939. This is where the story of a multigenerational Jewish family and the life of an exceptional woman, philosopher, nun, saint and patroness of Europe begins.

There are two paths leading through the exhibition – a brochure (to download) will serve as a guide.

The main path – is leading through the important moments in Edith Stein’s life. The brochure contains a plan of the house and the information about the order in which the rooms should be visited. Each room has an assigned chapter with the descriptions of its exhibits and photographs.

Suzel’s path – tells about the house and its inhabitants from the perspective of little Suzel, Edith Stein’s niece. The plan of the house shows places where fragments of the girl’s memories are hidden.

The exhibition was organized by The Edith Stein Society as part of “Edith Stein Heritage” cultural program, financed by the “Memory and Future” Center from the grant of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in Warsaw.

The photographs and archival documents come from the following collections: Edith Stein- Archive at the Carmelite monastery in Cologne, Archive of the Wroclaw University Library, Archive of the State Archive in Wroclaw, Archive of the University of Wroclaw, private collections of Marek Garfinkel from Boston, the Auschwitz- Birkenau State Museum, the City Museum of Wroclaw, The Edith Stein Society in Wroclaw.

Selected and compiled: Maria Kromp-Kropiowska, Anna Siemieniec

Designed and implemented: JAZ+Architekci

White Rose. Student resistance movement against Hitler in Munich 1942/1943

The exhibition is devoted to the anti-Nazi student organization “White Rose” founded in Munich in 1942.

The “White Rose” movement was founded by Chrisoph Probst, Alexander Schmorell, Willi Graf, Hans Scholl and Sophie Scholl with the support of Professor Kurt Hubert, a lecturer at the University of Munich. Over time, it has evolved into a wider circle of friends who set themselves the goal of overthrowing the Nazi regime by peaceful means.

The organization was primarily involved in the preparation of leaflets that called for resistance against the Nazi system. They were distributed in many German cities, including Munich, Berlin, Stuttgart and Ulm.

Schmorell, Scholl and Graf painted the slogans “Freedom” and “Down with Hitler” on the walls of the university and other buildings in Munich several times. The activity of the organization became an important historical testimony of the existence of German opposition to Nazism. The organization’s activities were terminated by a trial before the German People’s Court (Volksgerichtshof) conducted by the Nazi judge Roland Freisler, where the members of the White Rose were sentenced to death.

The exhibition was created within the framework of the project “Wipe off the coat of indifference” as part of the program of the Polish-German Year 2005/2006. The honorary patronage was held by Prof. Jutta Limbach and Prof. Władysław Bartoszewski.