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SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE: The experience and teaching of Edith Stein in the face of  today’s ideological currents

10.10.2022 – 12.10.2022
Edith Stein House, Wrocław, 38 Nowowiejska Street, Wroclaw

In the Year of Edith Stein, proclaimed by Wrocław City Council, we commemorate
the 100th babtism anniversary of the patroness of Europe and the 80th anniversary
of her martyr death in the German Nazi concentration camp in Auschwitz-Birkenau.
In the family House of The Stein Family at 38 Nowowiejska Street, the headquarters
of the Edith Stein Society, we organize the subsiquent scientific conference devoted to
her person and thought which still brings bigger and bigger response and inspires
many scholars to deeper studies in Europe and around the world. This year’s
conference will focus on the theme of female and male genius in the thought of Edith
Stein – in the broad spectrum of family, church and social life. How did Edith Stein
experience her gender and feminity and what did she think about gender, feminity
and masculinity? How can her sensitivity and reflectiveness, rooted in traditional
values and phenomenological and Aristotelian-Thomistic anthropology, help us
confront the vision of man and gender, expressed in gender trends increasingly
growing in popularity among contemporary academic community and young people?
This year we accept the following conference topics:

  • The roles of women and men in Jewish tradition in Edith Stein’s times – at home
    and in the synagogue.
  • The role of women and men in Germany in Edith Stein’s times – in the world of
    science and work, in socio-political activity.
  • Phenomenology of a woman and a man in the thought of Edith Stein.
  • Humanity and human nature in the anthropology of Edith Stein.
  • A woman as a mother in the thought of Edith Stein.
  • The educational role of women in the thought of Edith Stein.
  • The contemporary gender theory – is it the end of Edith Stein’s ideological world?
  • Woman’s dignity  and her vocation in the thought of Edith Stein.
  • Natural, cultural and supernatural aspects of Edith Stein’s attitude as a woman in
    relation to men in her life path. (ks. Krzysztof Broszkowski)