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Mission and main objectives

The main mission of the Society is to discover, cultivate and promote the spiritual heritage of Edith Stein – Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, a Wroclaw citizen, a philosopher, a saint and a patron of Europe. Here, in Wroclaw we are a Centre for research on Edith Stein person, her thoughts and testimony. We care about the preservation and commemoration of places and objects connected with Edith Stein and her family home.

Inspired by the multidimensionality of this exceptional woman, we create a space for meetings, conversation and development to deepen and broaden the dialogue between Polish, German and Jewish nations, inter-religious Christian-Jewish dialogue and also to rebuild and disseminate the multicultural and multinational heritage of Central Europe.

We work for the cultural, civilizational and ecological reconstruction of Silesia as a historical meeting place and a bridge between different cultural circles.