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St Edith Stein Prizes 2020 were awarded

On October 12, 2020 ceremony of awarding St Edith Stein Prize took place. The event was accompanied by the scientific conference entitled “Dialogue about man on the path to truth. John Paul II – Edith Stein – Roman Ingarden.”

St Edith Stein Prize is awarded by the Chapter of Edith Stein Association and the Director of Memory and Future Center (in 2019 and 2020). This year it was awarded for the fourth time.

This year’s winners are:

Prof. Hanna Barbara Gerl-Falkovitz – spokeswoman for promoting the person and thoughts of Edith Stein in Europe, for co-creation and many years of activity in the German Edith Stein Society, co-editing of the collective edition of Edith Stein – St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, many years of scientific activity devoted to her life and thoughts, for her full commitment to university work in the field of philosophy and religion, activity in numerous associations and organizations, publications about the value of forgiveness and material support for the TES Library in Wrocław.

Prof. Anna Grzegorczyk – for co-creating Edith Stein Research Center in Poznań, many years of scientific and research activity devoted to the life and writings of Edith Stein – St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross in Poland and abroad, as well as popularizing her spiritual heritage, compiling and editing numerous publications, in particular “Scientific Journals of Edith Stein Research Center”, for her full commitment to university work in the field of humanities, especially phenomenology.

Ms Renata Zajączkowska – for co-creating Edith Stein Associationand German Cultural and Social Association in Wrocław, many years of dedicated work in the TES Audit Committee, obtaining financial support for the publication of the guidebook “Edith Stein Spuren In Breslau”, as well as many years of work for the Polish-German dialogue and the memory of Edith Stein and her heritage in Wrocław.

On behalf of prof. Anna Grzegorczyk, who was unable to come to Wrocław due to the epidemiological situation, the award was collected by Rev. prof. Jerzy Machnacz.

Fr. Jerzy Witek, Renata Zajączkowska, Maria Kromp-Kropiowska – ESH director, prof. Hanna Barbara Grl-Falkowitz