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Scientific conference 2022

The Edith Stein Society
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10th – 12th October 2022

Edith Stein House
38 Nowowiejska Street, Wrocław

In the Year of Edith Stein, established by the City Council of Wroclaw, we commemorate the 100th Baptism anniversary of the Patroness of Europe and the 80th anniversary of her martyr death in the German Nazi Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp. In the Stein family house at 38 Nowowiejska Street, which is the headquarters of the Edith Stein Society, we are organizing another scientific conference dedicated to her person and thought. This event continues to recieve growing response and inspires many scholars in Europe and around the world to deepen their knowledge about the person of Edith Stein.

In this year’s conference, we will take up the topic of feminine and masculine genius in the thought of Edith Stein – across the broad spectrum of family, church, and social life. How did Edith Stein experience her female gender and femininity and what did she think about gender, femininity, and masculinity? How can her sensitivity and reflection, which stems from a world of traditional values and phenomenological and Aristotelian-Thomistic anthropology, help us to confront the vision of mankind and gender expressed by current gender trends, which are increasingly popular among contemporary academia and young people?

The scientific conference organised by the Edith Stein Society has been held under the honorary patronage of the Metropolitan Archbishop of Wroclaw Józef Kupny and Rev. Prof. Sławomir Stasiak, Rector of the Pontifical Faculty of Theology. The scientific supervision of the conference has been provided by the Scientific Council of the Edith Stein Society. The event received media patronage from Radio Family and the Catholic magazines ‘Gość Niedzielny’ and ‘Niedziela’.



10am Walk in the footsteps of Edith Stein (approx. 4 hours)
Registration is required (, a limited number of places.

6pm Mass
St Michael the Archangel Church, 78 B. Prusa St. in Wrocław

7pm Cultural event
St. Michael the Archangel Church, 78 B. Prusa St. in Wrocław
Opening of the exhibition: ” Darkness Burns. Photographs by Laura Makabresku (Kamila Kansa) inspired by the spirituality of Edith Stein – St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross”, combined with the recitation of Edith Stein’s texts by Agnieszka Paluch and musical accompaniment by the Kulisiewicz Duo.

Organizer of the event: Maria and Marta Foundation.


8.30am Prayer in the Chapel of St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross
Church of St. Michael the Archangel, 78 B. Prusa St., Wrocław

9.50am Opening of the conference
Edith Stein House, 38 Nowowiejska St., Wrocław

10.00-10.30am Prof. Leon Miodoński (University of Wrocław) A woman, a man, or perhaps a person? Phenomenological and theological grounds for social criticism of Edith Stein

10.30-11am Rev. Prof. Bogdan Ferdek (Pontifical Faculty of Theology in Wrocław)
The Symbolic Meaning of Woman as seen by Edith Stein

11.00-11.30am Prof. Anna Grzegorczyk (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań), dr Nelli Sołonko (University of Szczecin, Poland)
Gender relationality in Edith Stein’s personalism

11.30-12pm discussion

12 – 1pm Walk to Ostrów Tumski to the Pontifical Faculty of Theology

1pm Inauguration Mass presided over by Rev. Prof. Sławomir Stasiak, Rector of PFT
Chapel of St Teresa Benedicta of the Cross – Edith Stein, Pontifical Faculty of Theology,
1 Katedralny Square (didactic building, 1st floor)

3 – 3.30pm Rev. Dr. Joachim Feldes (International Association for the Study of the Philosophy of Edith Stein) Edith Steins ideologiekritischer Umgang mit politischen und gesellschaftlichen Stimmungen

3.30 – 4pm Rev. Dr Antonio Panaro (Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University, Catholic Academy in Warsaw)
Edith Stein and the Christian vision of the dignity of a woman on the basis of Pope John Paul II Apostolic Letter “Mulieris dignitatem”

4 – 4.30pm Rev. Dr Krzysztof Broszkowski (Missionary Seminary “Redemptoris Mater”)
Edith Stein as a woman in relation to men in life and teaching. Natural, cultural, and supernatural aspects

4.30 – 5pm discussion


10 -10.30am Dr Henryk Jarosiewicz (University of Wrocław)
Identity of man and woman in phenomenological terms

10.30-11am Dr Mirjana Pinezić (University of Zagreb)
Some suggestions for the Theology of the Body in Edith Stein

11 – 11.30am discussion

11.30-12pm coffee break

12 -12.30pm Dr Agnieszka Rybińska (Secondary School in Wrocław)
The educational role of women – Edith Stein’s model of Engaged Pedagogy

12.30-1pm MA Tymoteusz Mietelski (Ignatianum Academy of Cracow)
The human body in the early anthropological views of Edith Stein

1 – 1.30pm discussion


3 – 5pm Presentation of the St Edith Stein Prize
and concert ‘Carmelite Inspirations’
PhD Marek Skrukwa – viola da gamba
Assoc. Prof. PhD Marek Toporowski – harpsichord

8pm Cultural event St. Elisabeth’s Church, 1/2 St. Elisabeth St., Wrocław

“HEAR MY PRAYER” the extraordinary path of Edith Stein – the heroine of Wrocław
Concert by a choir accompanied by a recitation of texts by Edith Stein
Organizer: Association of Artistic Initiatives “Mosty Kultury”
Co-organizer: “Remembrance and Future” Centre